International expertise at a local level

Who we are

We are a New Zealand based energy services company, established in 2017 to introduce low cost specialist well intervention solutions at a local level in New Plymouth.


a. awesome
b. good job 


The Tumeke journey

Historically, thru-tubing campaigns were supported by international industry players importing services and equipment into the country, which was not only expensive for Operators but there was a distinct lack of support and quality service. It was time for a step change.

Set-up by well intervention specialists for well intervention specialists, Tumeke began to challenge convention. There is no substitute for experience in the field of thru-tubing, so by combining local knowledge with our international expertise, Tumeke was soon able to establish a local workshop and team offering a fully integrated, cost effective service to support well operations across the New Zealand and Australian energy sectors.

The appetite for a local service provider to deliver new, certified tools and equipment and a quality 24/7 service was clear as operations grew. Today, Tumeke is a growing dynamic team expanding operations into Malaysia. We are committed to recruiting and training local talent to hone the next generation of thru tubing specialists.

What we do

Quality is our middle name. Our dedicated, forward thinking team is focused on relentlessly developing original technologies and fresh solutions using our in-house technical know-how to meet the needs of specific client requirements to improve well performance and get quality results. Our customers’ satisfaction begins and ends with quality and we work hard to strive for all-round excellence in everything we do.

With a fully equipped workshop, robust management systems and procedures, we have the capability to engineer, redress, repair and test all tools to meet industry recognised standards maximising performance at a local level.