Rotary & Clean Out

Today’s increasingly complex geometries presents new challenges for wellbore clean out operations.  Tumeke offer an extensive portfolio of thru-tubing rotary and clean out solutions that can be used even in the most challenging well conditions.  Think low pressure reservoirs, extended-reach horizontals, scale deposits, and sand production. All of these present obstacles preventing optimal production, but we can help.

We offer the right solution to prepare and restore optimal production quickly. Our range of motors, milling tools, cutters and accessories cover all thru-tubing milling operations.

Whether it is loose junk, scale or debris, we will get the well back online safely using the latest milling technology cutting structures, insert geometry, surface coatings and specialised alloys available.

Applications include:

• Conventional Milling

• Hole Cleaning

• Debris Removal

• Tubing Cutting

• Underreaming

• Wash Tools

• Junk Recovery

• Wellbore Cleanup