Well Barrier & Isolation

Tumeke offer packers and plugs for all applications including plug and abandonment, well suspension, water and gas shut-off, wellhead isolation, temporary and permanent zonal isolation.

A plug is required when a part of the wellbore requires isolation from another section; ie, when a job is carried out on the upper section of the well, the lower part of the wellbore must be isolated and plugged.

A packer serves the purpose of sealing off the area between production tubing and casing and the wall of the wellbore. A primary reason to run a packer is to prevent formation fluids going up the wellbore, which could otherwise damage the casing or other formations in the well, be it below or above the production zone. The packer can also serve as an anchor point for production tubing.

Packers can be retrievable or permanent (production). Retrievable packers are used in a less challenging and less hostile environment and where frequent well re-completion is required, or when there is another activity carried out in a well, such as well stimulation or cement squeezing, or to isolate leaking zones. Permanent packers are required at all times when a well is producing, and are generally technically superior and offer far better performance capabilities than retrievable packers.

Our permanent and retrievable bridge plugs are designed to be set with coiled tubing / slickline without the need for explosives, timers etc. with the ability to pass through all standard completions and nipples sizes allowing them to sit anywhere within the completion string.

Applications include:

• Running, Setting Tools

• Retrieving Tools

• Packers

• Anchors

• Bridge Plugs

• Frac Plugs

• Cement Retainers

• Thru Tubing Inflates

• Stimulation Tools